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Retired Marine's Comments on Guns


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If I understand Castanza's argument, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, these are examples of countries where citizens armed themselves from local gun stores under local laws similar to the Second Amendment.  And so the examples are of such a model as we have in the USA... and these are NOT examples where foreign military arms were supplied to an insurgency.

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Castanza wrote:  "15-17 rounds is a semi-automatic pistol. Likely a Glock 19 or 17. What's your point?"


If you read the article, you will learn that the police blow off their entire magazine before they know what's what.  And these are trained officers.

That makes us less safe as a people walking streets where a gun battle between two armed citizens could transpire and they each spray 17 bullets in a second or two.  

Bystanders will be hit.

They are indiscriminate weapons in practice.

And try that with an AR-15 which is deadly to many hundreds of yards.

And none of it is necessary.

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