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Eric, look at it this way.

Racism is simply an evolutionary instinct. Like all other evolutionary instincts (including sexuality), it is neither good or bad. It's just an instinct.

Racism allowed our ancestors to survive because people that looked different from them were more likely to be from a different tribe and thus more likely to kill them. If we define morality as what's in our best interest, racism is a "moral good."

Even in modern times, one could say racism is a "moral good" if that person is in the majority. It allows that person (and their offspring) more opportunities and, overall, a better quality of life. 

The reason that we think racism/slavery is "bad" is through social conditioning. At one time, through social conditioning, we also thought homosexuality was "bad." The social conditioning has a foundation of "human rights" which is based on the idea that humans are created in the image of God.

Ultimately, if the Creator doesn't exist, inalienable human rights is also just a story we're told. Therefore, being racist is "good" because it is  in our best interest to maintain power and keep minorities out of power. 


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14 minutes ago, ERICOPOLY said:

A lot of ideas are based on pre-Darwinian theory, but "human rights" is an exhibit of empathy, not a religious display.

Empathy is also just an evolutionary instinct. Why blindly follow it when it goes against one's best interest?

Do you agree that racism can be a "moral good"?

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