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The Stahley Files - If You Participate in This Thread, You Cannot be Offended and Complain!


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Welcome to The Stahley Files, where Paul will engage you in his existential debates around morality and the non-existence of thereof.  As well as whatever else he wants to talk about without anyone complaining about him and getting him banned.  Cheers!

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Thanks for allowing this. We all know that the main virtues of morality are inclusion, diversity, equity, social justice, tolerance and opened mindedness. CoBF really is a safe space and a beacon of hope for the most marginalized and oppressed. 

So, I'd like to focus on one of most marginalized groups - Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs). These folks are adults who are attracted to pre-adults. Evolution has selected them to be attracted to younger humans and that's okay. Why should they be shamed for their feelings? Why should they be fired from their jobs because some far-right hateful bigot thinks what they do is "wrong"?  Why should pre-adults not be able to chose who they love? Love wins and is the most important thing so why do some bigots want to force MAPs to not be themselves or live their truths?

Besides, relationships between adults and pre-adults have existed throughout time and in different cultures. Indeed, it was even well established in ancient Rome and Greece when people were more tolerant. Visionary leaders that helped shape today's policies would most certainly vouch for these including, but not limited geniuses like Harvey Milk and John Money. Even in the modern day, such successful people like Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew also would endorse these polices. Perhaps even the very dear friends of the departed Epstein would also endorse supporting these folks like Mr. Gates and former Presidents Trump and Clinton? I don't know if they would but it would be interesting to get their opinions for sure. 

Thankfully, some well regarded and fully trustworthy sources are coming to the defense of the fine people. Namely, the illustrious USA Today for one:


So, who else on here wants to fight the the justice this poor, hated marginalized group deserves? 


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