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Countries and regions lifting ALL Covid restrictions


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I thought I’d start a good news thread.


Norway becomes the first European country to fully remove ALL covid-19 entry requirements, including all forms, testing and quarantine rules, proof of vaccination, country ban lists, and all other border restrictions. Visiting Norway as of February 12, 2022 is like visiting in pre-pandemic times. 

In combination with the removal of all entry requirements, Norway has also removed all internal covid restrictions like mask-wearing, isolation periods, social distancing, and all use of vaccine passports.

Oh, by the way, less people fully vaccinated in Norway than in Canada. Norway falls in the middle of European countries when it comes to vaccination.

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These pages provide a good summary:



It is a mess, with some countries removing only entry requirements, others only internal restrictions, in typical half-assed politics fashion. As if Omicron did not cross all borders despite restrictions, to freely spread amongst vaccinated and unvaccinated, and produce exactly the same spike in Covid infections everywhere.



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Next one: Iceland.


New entry as of Feb 25, 2022

Iceland is the 5th country to remove all entry requirements, including internal rules, starting February 25.

Now, anyone can enter Iceland, regardless of vaccination status. They have also fully abolished all tests, quarantines, and online health forms to enter the country. Once inside, mask mandates have been removed, as have limits on gatherings and even early closing hours for bars and restaurants.

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