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Confess Your Unpopular Opinion


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LOL I feel like I do this every time I open my mouth...confess an unpopular opinion. When its investing related people like it because I can be somewhat unconventional and see things differently than most. And its usually money. When its politics it's either popular or more often, not popular and just annoying to folks because when there isnt money on the line most dont care about getting things right!


Off yours, 

1. Women are true alpha males. They can typically think practically and long term(although at times wayyyyyy too emotionally) and can leverage their sexuality. Most men think too much with their cocks. Even the best of us. Like Beth from Yellowstone style. Total badass boss!


2. Like Adam Sandler, I loved Ferrell's early stuff but over time it seems that type of comedy has been phased out. Its like the Hollywood liberal elite, who also had a MASSIVE problem with objectifying women/frat bro culture, realized that because of their liberal status they were spared from shit like meeto but could no longer make Judd Apatow movies LOL


3. Value investors suck because they are too academic in most cases and dont maintain flexible framework. The markets are by nature dynamic. In order to continue to perform you need to continue to evolve. The reason strategies work is because they're unique. The second everyone has something down is when it typically stops working. Evolve or die. 

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