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Bannon Pardoned for Defrauding Trump Supporters who donated to build the wall


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Bannon must have something on Trump or his family, because Trump's advisors were trying to prevent him from giving Bannon a pardon.  After a phone call, he finally changed his mind to grant Bannon a pardon.  I bet Bannon has the pee-pee tape!  ::)  Cheers!

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Trump pardoning a guy indicted by the Trump Justice Department for defrauding Trump supporters over the fake Trump wall is a fitting ending to the Trump presidency.



Meanwhile, the conned supporters who stormed the Capitol to "fight for Trump" will spend years in jail and on no fly lists...


I guess he wasn't for the "common man" after all!

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To top it all off:


BREAKING: Trump just rescinded the executive order that commanded his staffers not to lobby for five years after leaving his administration.


Guess they’ll all enjoy their lobbying careers, the revolving door continues to turn—perfect timing too!


Swamp drainage was just another con by Don!

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