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10. I guess we could leave the financial realm and start talking about extraordinary popular delusions, but I am going to guess that the cannibal and pedophile hunting industry is going to go in to decline in the near future.


I don't know about cannibals, but there is no need to hunt to find a pedophile.  One was just sworn in as president.


And what shred of proof do you that Biden is a pedophile?


Spreading BS about the election is bad enough but slandering an individual with no proof is not very classy. However, if you have proof, so be it, but one might wonder why that has not gone to the court system. Just more QAnon foolishness?


Proof?  Just google search Biden touching child.  There are videos and pictures of him inappropriately touching children all over the internet.  Sure this isn't absolute proof that he has sex with children, but it is proof that he likes touching them and doesn't have any problem doing it in public when he knows that he's on camera.




So Biden likes children and you concludes that makes him a pedophile? That is like saying you are gay because you shake hands with other men. Only a dirty mind would jump to your conclusions.


Back in Biden’s younger days it was expected that politicians would hug children and kiss babies - and now you use that old style campaigning to make criminal accusations because it suits some twisted logic.


You still have shown no proof whatsoever of pedophilia - perhaps check your dictionary before you accuse people of sex crimes.


Oh you need to watch those videos again.  Not everyone who "likes children" tries to grab them and rub their chests.  If Biden was a Republican his career in politics would be over the first time he did it and your opinion would be the exact opposite of what it is now. 


Now let me get the other side pissed off.  Now that the orangeman has added $9 Trillion to the debt, when do Republicans care about spending again?  Is that today or are you supposed to wait a week or two?


Ying and the yang!  Nice rkababang.  :D  Cheers!


Thanks.  Some people just want to be loved.  Me? I enjoy being hated by everyone.


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All is right in the world! Joseph R Biden's new executive order effectively allows grisly boys to dominate the girls teams and leagues! Parents everywhere, it is your constitutional right to have manladies wreaking havoc on your daughters soccer team! Who says they dont have cajones!

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