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Racist, seditious, co-conspirator Congresswoman?

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The "QAnon Cogresswoman" may have just become the first racist, seditious, co-cospirator US Congresswoman electied in the 21st Century. May she be the last.


Boebert become know for many things including announcing that she intended to bring a glock handgun to Congress.


Just before the attack, Ms Boebert gave an impassioned speech in which she claimed some of her constituents were among the mob fighting the police on the Capitol steps at the time.


"Madame Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now and I promised to be their voice," Ms Boebert said while challenging the results of the election in Arizona. "It is my separate but equal obligation to weigh in on this election and object."


Ms Boebert is no stranger to far-right extremist groups.


ABC News reported that her former campaign manager, Sherronna Bishop, had praised the Proud Boys, an SPLC-designated hate group that travels the country starting fights at protests and espouses a neo-fascist ideology.


The Proud Boys were among those who attacked the US Capitol.




Can anyone come up with a reason to explain the use of "separate but equal" that is not a racist dog whistle? The only meaning I am aware of is segregation in the USA.




Also she sent several tweets revealing the locations of senators. Plus tweets that are code to conspiracy theorists that I won't repeat. I just saw it discussed on Public Television, but I can't find it on a reputable print source yet. Here's one of the more extensive sources, but of quality that I cannot vouch for.



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The magnitude of Trump handing the Democrats the Senate is huge and will really come into focus beginning in less than 2 weeks. Especially in the current hyper-politically charged climate. Ms Boebert, and anyone associated/involved in the riot, will be in deep, deep shit. A line has been crossed and both Republicans and Democrats are looking for retribution (as is about 2/3 of the American population). Democrats will now be able to control the investigations in both the senate and house of the riot last week. Biden will be able to staff all departments expeditiously, including justice. But hey, Republicans were in the same position 4 years ago (in control of all three branches). Karma can sure be a bitch.



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Seems like an awful lot of lies and deliberate misrepresentations.


Separate but equal in context(always important) is how she described her concern(separate from others) but equal (as in also important). Fun fact, a "dog whistle" can only be heard by those its intended for, IE dogs. Was she reaching out to liberals or something?


I find it amusing how completely hostile liberals get towards good looking Republican women. They absolutely hate them. Utterly despise them even! Perhaps its because they dont like the idea of powerful and forceful women, especially with guns. A woman who can defend herself is a great thing so I dont know why they hate it so much. It may also be because it reminds them that their own wives/girlfriends look... lets just say, not so hot and perhaps the gender roles they have in their households are not as fulfilling as advertised....IDK. Its bizarre though.


And how many times are they going to say she "tweeted Pelosi's location"? All I can find is that she said she had been "removed from the chambers"...thats like telling someone who is looking for Waldo that he's not on the upper left corner of page 167 of Encyclopedia Britannica....



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She also tweeted "today is 1776", which is basically a call for civil war to militia types and QAnon types. So tweeting out a call for revolution that has special significance to QAnon and militias when there is a riot at the capitol seems like bad timing at a minimum and it might be found to be something more than just irresponsible behavior.

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