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Populist President No Longer Popular

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Trump seemed to believe the best indicator of his approval was the stock market and he continually said that the stock market would crash if Joe Biden was elected including saying it right to Joe Biden's face in a debate. So how did that turn out?


Today, the S&P 500, Nasdaq and DOW all hit all time highs. Looks like the market responded with appreciation to Biden's election.


S&P 500 price increase since election day = 14.3%


Of course most people think that Trump lost the election when he lied about and mismanaged COVID back in March of 2020 and it became obvious to sophisticated observers that he had lost the election at that point, and it was obvious to Trump too, since his narrative regarding stolen elections etc changed at that point.


S&P 500 price appreciation since March = 72%


Looks like the market loves Joe Biden.


In addition the popular opinion polls rank Trump as:

  • Lowest average approval rating of any President.
  • Lowest average approval rating of any First Lady.
  • Lowest approval at exit, the only other President that was close was Nixon, another President who left in disgrace.


My prediction is that once now that the inauguration is over more dirt will come out and his ratings will continue to slide.

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