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Glad Trump Helped Coal Miners


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In the last election I voted for our local Conservative candidate and was actually rather surprised that the Liberals won. To date I have never cast a vote for another party.


However, in the previous election I almost didn't vote when it became apparent that Mr Harper was moving a little too far to the right and was insulting our intelligence by obviously lying to the house about the Duffy affair. When the truth is obvious don't bother to lie, it doesn't do any good. (That was before Trump made lying a daily habit).


At that time I was severely tempted not to vote at all. However, in the end I voted Conservative as it became evident that the election was going to go Liberal anyway and I didn't want them to get too confident in their position.


That transparent enough? 

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Yeah well.


I voted for my Conservatives representative in my ridding because I wanted one seat to help Mr. Scheer leader of the Conservatives to become PM of Canada.


Now let's see if you or Parsad can be as transparent.




I told you guys a while ago on here during the election.  I voted for Jagmeet Singh.  I never vote NDP, but I wasn't going to vote for Trudeau and I wasn't going to vote for Scheer. 


Ironically enough, I've voted for NDP now in the federal and provincial election...because they've been hitting 70% plus of their promises.  I can't say that about the Liberals or Conservatives...and like I said, Trudeau should have resigned after the whole black face incident.



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Singh just seems like an ass who apparently cannot be re-elected in his own ridding and told Canada to FO on investigating a criminal in order for himself to stay in power.


Down to earth nice guy you said?


I respected you with your disclosure post but, then this.. Come on man!



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