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Keeping Politics Board

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I have mixed feelings on this. If the politics section goes it will be hard to keep politics out of other topics - the Covid section comes to mind. But going on from here politics may not inject itself into other topics as much as it has for the past 4 years.


Confrontational posts on the political board would seem to be fair game. But when that same attitude seeps into the investment sections, than that is a different matter. As someone once said, 'opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one'.


In the new board there should be some set rules on decorum. If a poster is deemed to have violated the board rules, than they get suspended for a couple of weeks(?). If it persists, they should get a longer suspension. Three strikes within a year(?) then you are gone permanently.


Having said that, I think Cardboard should be reinstated on a probationary basis. He has been on here for many years and does have something to contribute. So as one of the objects of his frequent attacks I would have no problem with his reinstatement. 

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^ Damn CW - you're all right for a liberal!!


My feeling: Now that Joe Biden is President, we should definitely dump the politics board. The target is just too easy now...


I mean, when it comes to politics - how can anyone beat Trump?

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^ How about we just require Ivy League degrees to comment?


After all, you guys will be setting the new standards now for "hate speech", truth commissions, and our re-education camps.


Why not start here?



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My vote is to get rid of the politics section. It served a purpose pre-election. But over time i think it will rot the quality of this board. The volume (or quality of the discourse) of politics posts is not a great recruiting tool for new members.



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How about we keep it and censor any conservative posts?


Did I hear another call for the CoBF Brownshirts??


I'm just concerned that if CoBF doesn't abide by the oligarchs then the entire site may be shut down.

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I do not post regularly so feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt. But I have been reading the board for 10ish years. I am not a fan of the mudslinging that happens in the political discussions. I also agree with Viking. I think its a turn off for the majority of people who stumble upon the board looking to participate in an investment community. If the goal of the board is to grow and sustain an investing community I feel it's counter productive.

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Firstly, you should know before reading further, I'm Canadian eh!



My $.02 on the Politics Boards, FWIW;


I have multiple twitter accounts that I don't actually tweet with. Yes, I know ..


I hold them both for the same purpose. It allows me to follow (as an annoymous outside observer) the two dominant segments of the US political landscape. And truth be told, in each account, I do include a few neutral sports reporters to provide me with a necessary intermission from the relentless onslaught of 280 character harangues  :)


With the first, I follow media (TV, Newspaper, Radio, Podcasters, Blogs), politicians, lobbyists, business professionals who identify as leaning right. With the second, I follow media (TV, Newspaper, Radio, Podcasters, Blogs), politicians, lobbyists, business professionals who identify as leaning left.


Over time, I've noticed that on a consistent basis - the topics du jour in each of my two accounts are highly correlated. A timely example would be impeachment or inauguration. However, as you might imagine, the opinions expressed within these two accounts are almost exclusively negatively correlated. It's a rare occasion when I've noticed these two twitter accounts operating in a state of equilibrium on a particular subject. And that observation, in my opinion, is because both groups lack perspective. Not one or the other. Both lack perspective.


Munger talks about understanding facts, ideas, concepts and experience from numerous perspectives as a necessary prerequisite to attaining worldly wisdom. He talks about mental models being developed from mathematics, physics, history, biology and so on. Facts on their own, he suggests, are only in useable form when they are hung on a latticework of theory.


So, why then when it comes to US politics in particular, do so many people choose to limit their perspective and align solely (perhaps blindly at times) with their chosen party's talking points? Perhaps there is some internal need to justify their vote by defending their parties decisions? I'm not really sure.


I mean, if Chuck is right and wisdom is obtained by gaining perspective, then it goes without saying that it must be 'unwise' to limit one's perspective by sourcing information from an echo chamber. Echo chambers breed confirmation bias.


I'd suggest, that if I checked the twitter feeds of many of the posters who frequent these political threads, that my observations around sourcing information from an echo chamber would hold true.


When I read your conversations, honestly, its as if my TwitterRight is arguing out loud with my TwitterLeft in the foyer of the public library.


Most respectfully, these CoBF Political threads which I've observed for some time now, are nothing more than a microcosm of what I see and experience in Twittersphere.


The subject headings correlate to what was in the news cycle on each day. The comments made within the threads are predictably, regurgitated partisan talking points that are prevalent within my two respective partisan twitter accounts.


After several years of reading these political threads I've concluded that there exist a noticeable lack of independent thought within their pages. As well, the environment seems to foster a culture where defending existing beliefs is more important than exploring counter arguments.


These conditions do not create value - they deplete it.


I'm glad the other threads on CoBF don't operate with these same dynamics. Elsewhere, I'm able to find a plethora of independent thought and I'm always able to gain a new perspective from some of the exceptional members of the forum. For me that holds a ton of value.



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