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A 20 sigma event


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Since it appears you may have missed the facts regarding your ill informed, obnoxious post on the other thread, I thought it would be helpful to you to repost it here to assist you in your Canadian education which appears to be oh so sadly lacking.


The following is an example of your great ability to show how little you know about so much.


Re: Leaving New York City

« Reply #60 on: November 27, 2020, 11:51:52 PM »


Cwericb, that is about the most delusional post that I have read in a long time.


No one is "immigrating" to Atlantic Canada pushing up prices because no one wants to go there.


Now, getting back to the real cause of price increase it is because people are moving out of condos to suburbs and it makes detached homes to go up in price or a global phenomenon. Then condo prices have not adjusted yet to lower demand reality because of price anchoring.




Good Morning Cadboard


Once again you are embarrassing yourself with your insults and your sadly ill informed opinions. Still hiding in your basement?


Perhaps you know more than the Financial Post, but here is what they say...


"Atlantic Canada’s housing market on fire as buyers from across the country swoop in to snap up homes."




Here are a few other headlines just to help you out...


“How the pandemic 'lit the fire' of a red-hot real estate market inside the Atlantic bubble” 


“Atlantic bubble fuelling red hot Maritime real estate market”


“Booming Halifax housing market shows no signs of slowing ...”


Now who is delusional?


By the way, how is the real estate market doing in your area these days?







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Winning the Presidency without Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Texas.


Something impossible based on statistics and probabilities,




May be explained by Trump's efforts to suppress his own Republican vote.


It reminds me of a certain World Cup where the team lost after a player scored against his own team.  That player wound up assassinated and Trump certainly has historical precedent to avoid blame for this.  The Democrats are the scapegoat that his biased trusting followers are sure to believe every time.





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