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Deutsche Bank and Trump - headed for a messy divorce?


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Sorry if this has already been posted. 2 takeaways:

1.) incentives are very powerful - Trump will do everything he can to remain in the White House

2.) if he loses, is this a sign that his world is about to get very complicated?


Exclusive: Tired of Trump, Deutsche Bank games ways to sever ties with the president - sources

- https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-deutsche-bank-exclusive/exclusive-tired-of-trump-deutsche-bank-wants-out-but-sees-no-good-options-sources-idUSKBN27J0G0?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=twitter



If Trump is not in office, Deutsche Bank executives feel that it would be easier for them to demand repayment, foreclose if he is not able to pay it off or refinance, or try to sell the loans, according to two of the three bank officials.


Since Trump has personally guaranteed all the loans, Deutsche Bank could also seize the president’s assets if he is unable to repay, two of the three bank officials said.


If Trump wins a second term, Deutsche Bank executives feel their options would be fewer, the three bank officials said. The bank wouldn’t want the negative publicity inherent with seizing assets from a sitting president and would likely extend the loans until he is out of office, two of the bank officials said.


The bottom line, the three bank officials said, is that the matter won’t be resolved until well after the election.

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How bout them polls Viking?


What are you doing up at 3AM in the morning? I thought Sanjeev and i were are two night owls on this site :-)


Yes, the polls were way off again just like 2016. Except one small thing might be different this time ... can’t quite put my finger on it... maybe it will come to me in the next 24 hours?


But hey, if they do as the President wants i think it is looking good for him:

1.) stop counting in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina

2.) continue counting in Arizona and Nevada


The President also said today that he won the election because he was way ahead on election night when everyone went to bed. Glad he cleared that up for me because i was very confused. Did you know he was up by 700,000 in Pennsylvania on election night? So he has declared that he is the winner in Pennsylvania and all the states where he was leading on election night. Makes perfect sense that a president is decided on election night. All of the votes counted after election day are fraud. Wow, who would have known? Especially all the mail in ballots. Very fraudulent. But everyone knows they are a fraud because the president, bless his heart, told us all of this before the election. The election is being stolen from him and his supporters by Democrats (thieving bastards). You know, they have lots and lots of proof. So he is actually the winner of the election. The supreme count will set things right. Thank god that nice young lady just got appointed. Maybe she can help set things straight? :-)



Watching Trump right now the reality show is quickly morphing from a tragedy to a catastrophe. Lets hope he doesn’t decide to burn the whole house down as he gets increasingly desperate.


(But the silver lining is his legions of supporters would never, ever do anything stupid in response to Democrats stealing the election. So there will be no problems if he keeps saying bat shit crazy stuff. Phew. I was getting worried for a second there :-)

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