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Great Again ("New NAFTA" Edition)


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Factory Jobs Still Head Offshore Despite Trump Promises


In an election year in which millions have lost their jobs to a pandemic, Amy Sabo is an exception. Her 22 years at International Automotive Components’ plant in Huron, Ohio, ended in August thanks to the sort of corporate consolidation and offshoring that have been eating at the state’s industrial core for decades, rather than the economic carnage caused by Covid-19. That she lost her paycheck because of pre-pandemic decisions made by a company founded by U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and still controlled by the private equity firm bearing his name also makes her a particularly stark example of how President Donald Trump has struggled to live up to his promise to end a decades-long migration of American factories overseas.


On Oct. 31, IAC’s Huron plant will close its doors for good, its production having been transferred to factories in Mexico and other locales. The dozen employees left—including Sabo’s husband—will join the almost 300 who have lost their jobs since the plant’s closure was announced just after Christmas last year. “It was a good place to work,” says Sabo, ticking off the generous benefits, decent pay, and shop-floor camaraderie. “We were like a family.”


Now continue to vote against your interest and send cash to Bannon's wall fund...sucker.


Don't worry, Trump's Chinese bank account is doing just fine.


BTW--did you hear the one about Hunter's laptop? LOL...

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Don't confuse the Trump' fans with facts.


In Trumps own words about any legitimate criticism "It's not fair!"


So help me, it just gets so tiring hearing that crybaby bitching about how everybody is so unfair to him and how all the other countries are taking advantage of the US and how UNFAIR it is. For crying out loud Donnie, grow up, suck it up and grow a pair!

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Let's face it--Trump was the younger, dimwitted brother just trying to impress daddy (like the younger son on HBO's "Succession"). His older brother was better at seeing thru daddy's charade (and actually got into college without paying someone else to take his SATs), but Donnie just ate it up...


Donnie was the only successor left because he was the default option


Deflection, projection help divert attention away from his own failures--it seemed to work on his Daddy, so he continues to use it to this day.

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