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The twisted man behind gender identity


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I watched the segment. There were some really  awful psychological studies using human guinea pigs in the 60s. This study is an obvious example. It seems pretty obvious to me gender is more than a social construct.  Just look at how differently a nine month old boy and girl act. With that said, there are people who are transgender and I am not going to tell them how they should act and they should be treated with the same decency afforded to you and me. On another note, you have posted a lot of YouTube links. You might find this podcast interesting:





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I'll check out the podcast, Ross. Thanks.


If people want to be transgender, I'm tolerant of that.


If liberals want to teach my kids about gender identity and the like, that I'm very intolerant about. I'm also very intolerant of my daughter (possibly) being forced to face biological males in athletic competitions when she gets older. That's bs.

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