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Steal more, please!


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The embarrassment is the absolute gutting of federal enforcement agencies.


The fact that some people support this even when it is against their own benefit is equally embarrassing.


Even though auditing millionaires and billionaires is one of the most cost-effective government activities imaginable—an independent report estimated in 2014 that it yielded up to $4,545 in recovered revenue per hour of staff time—the IRS investigated the returns of just 3 percent of American millionaires in 2017.


According to a ProPublica report, 43 percent of all tax filers audited by the IRS earn less than $56,000 per year


We have a ton of lawyers sitting around doing nothing - put them to work auditing these cheats. We don't need to raise taxes if we actually enforce the ones we've got. Puts the underemployed to work, increases tax revenue, reduces wealth inequality. This is not rocket science.


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