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When Does Tanning Become Considered Racist?


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Isn't the fundamental objection to many, have to do with somebody altering one's skin to look like another race? So...isnt this what tanning is? Somebody deliberately trying to look darker?


I see tons of pushback against makeup products, and specifically a lot of outrage over "whitening" products geared towards Indians and obviously, the dreaded blackface. Why is tanning different? And what happened to "my body, my choice".


Maybe I'm losing it, but on the basis of consistency and logical soundness, it seems scattershot at best. Todays society picks and chooses on a hypocritical basis and then dictates to others how they must act, or otherwise face being attacked. Is it your body, your choice what you do to it? Or not?


Disclosure: I think tanning is stupid. At best you are blowing up your dermatologist visits and at worst setting a dinner date with cancer. I have never worn blackface. I have never worn white face. I do not have a personal opinion on whether or not people should be able to do/wear any of these things.

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Maybe some people just wanna get some vitamin D?


Theres ways that are much less offensive, such as vitamins. While we are at it, what about tattoos? Another total appropriation of someone else's culture.

Actually that's very controversial. There's a big body of research that points to the fact that pill vitamins are actually useless and that the way that the body gets vitamins is only through the natural processes... mostly nutrition, in the case of vitamin D, exposure to the sun, i.e. tanning.


I agree with you on tattoos though. Not so much about cultural appropriation, I don't know much about that. I just don't see why anyone would want to get them. They do though. There's gonna be lots of disappointed  people 20 years from now. oops

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... smoking a cigarette is, simply, pretty cool


Not really. I watch the old movies or the movies that portray 60s realistically and it's like "OMFG, everybody's smoking, people are just so screwed up, eeewww".  ::)

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