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I Will Probably Be Viewed As a Monster One Day


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In the late 90s, I thought "hmm, we're going to look back one day and agree that we mistreated gay folks". 


I eat meat and lots of it

I use fossil fuel

I made a joke once that was not PC by today's standards

I am not worthy to the 30 year old of 2040


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Well we all will... so I wouldn't worry about it too much.


I think a few things to keep in mind to be safe.


1. Try not to be the douchiest version you can be.


2. Evolve with the times as times change.


3. Avoid hurting others.

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Yea its funny you mention this, but I heard an Eminem song a few days ago, and thought to myself, "wow, its crazy how freely the word faggot was thrown around back during the 90's/early 2000's"... this was not just in music or whatever, but everywhere. It is quite amazing the progress thats been made on that front. I do believe society, generally speaking, eventually gets stuff right. But every now and then its still hard not to look back and go "WTF was everyone thinking".



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See that’s not the crazy part, with all those things you mentioned, if you told me someone like trump would be president one day, I would never ever have believe it. Progress on one extreme (faggot is frown upon, etc) on the other extreme the “president of USA” does and say what he say (people are ok with and try to spin it and explain it away) even if it’s joking, which we all know is not. At some point what you say matters, even if you are playing 4d chess (which I highly doubt)

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