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The worst president. Ever.


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dude, i agree trump sucks, but can you stop starting a new thread on every article you find? There are plenty of threads already adding nothing but one team shitting on trump and the other team defending him. Can you please just add these links/comments there?

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I can't stand Trump at all, but I have to say that article is kind of stupid!


The writer says that Covid-19 was the most foreseeable crisis in history...more than a California earthquake...more than a terrorist attack?  I think you could argue about this all day.


Second, if Trump failed to see it, then pretty much every major leader in the world failed to see it as well.


Lastly, Trump is a jackass, megalomaniac, but he is correct.  If he does manage to stem deaths to a number less than other parts of the world, most Americans will believe it was a success.  If he's on the other side of the curve, and not because of anything he could do, but because mortality rates rise, then he will look at fault.  Like most politicians, they will get more credit or more discredit for things not completely in their control.


The one thing I would wish, is that Trump just shutup, focus on solutions and give his frickin' ego a rest!  Probably not going to happen.  Cheers!



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