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Coronavirus must be a Russian thing


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...to get a Democrat elected in the U.S. by derailing U.S. economy/markets now and further upon election.




That is really the only way to get Trump or Republicans out of there with the economy the way it was going.


Then like the other idiot or Warren, he wants to ban fracking so there goes 6-8 million bls/d of U.S. crude production and the vast majority of natural gas production competing directly with Russia via LNG.


If Sanders or Warren could get in, Russia would see an economic miracle of the likes rarely if ever seen before.


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If this virus comes in the US, it might came back to haunt Trump.



He has significantly cut the CDC budget the last few years, including epidemics control. It will be interesting how well we are prepared when this thing hits home.

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Trump is showing how ill prepared he and his administration is to deal with a real crisis like the potential spread of the coronavirus. Does he really believe that it is “no big deal”? That it may - just go away soon?  That the number of cases in the US is going down? Or that the US is rapidly developing a vaccine?


One has to wonder how long members of the Trump Cult will continue to support him as his mind blowing ignorance in dealing with an actual major crisis becomes increasingly obvious.


“We’ve got it covered” Trump reminds one of the old story about “the emperor has no clothes”. Will it take a crash of the house of cards he has inspired in the stock market to convince his followers that this guy is not the “very stable genius” he pretends he is?


In times of crisis it would be nice to have a President that you can trust - not one who lies and lies and lies.


But I guess I am overreacting because Larry Kudlow says that “we have contained this... it’s pretty well air tight.”

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