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What is election interference?


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I mean liberals seem to be using this term all the time. See for instance this article:



One general thing I keep hearing over and over again is that allowing mistruths and lies to spread online constitutes election interference. Liberals regard everything conservatives say as mistruths and vice versa. So than how do you distinguish between election interference and standard political propaganda.. I think climate change is a mistruth. So am I to view all discussion of climate change including that which is published in peer-reviewed papers as election interference?!


Do liberals even know WTF they are talking about? Do they have any sensible view on this? Because as far as I can see their basic idea appears to be that any idea counter to their own that is spread through an online platform constitutes election interference.


As far as I can see liberals appear to be butthurt because they lost their stranglehold over media. So know anything that bypasses liberal gatekeepers is considered election interference. Its crazy to me how entitled left wing liberals are. They appear to believe they own they have sole ownership over the truth.

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