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The India problem


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THe India problem is that no one really seems to care or pay attention in the rest of the world or India as Hindu fundamentalists take over the country:



The Supreme court decision is scary to me. The basically gave the Hindu fundamentalists what they wanted even thought hey acknowledged it was wrong because they were scared of what they would do if they didn't. Just to give some context on what he Hindu fundamentalists might do:



Among the women surviving in the relief camp, many suffered forms of sexual violence – including rape, gang rape, mass rape, stripping, insertion of objects into their bodies and molestation. Citizens' initiative's report stated that


A majority of rape victims have been burnt alive....According to Human Rights Watch, the abdomens of three pregnant women were cut open and the foetus removed and thrown into a fire....It was alleged that the police helped the mob against the Muslim community on the day of massacre. Evidence included complaints filed by victims' family members which state that police officials fired bullets and helped the mob, resulting in the killings


And the guy who presided over this whole mess is none other than the prime Minister of India, Modhi. The scary thing is how popular he is in India and how seemingly liberal Indians love him. I have Indians at my work and they absolutely love him. I think people have also taken a long time to see how dangerous he is. They thought he would save India from a corrupt and dynastic Congress party.


Say what you want about the Chinese communists...I've never heard of babies being pulled out of pregnant women under their watch. I know where i have heard of that though:






There is one place Buffett fans may have heard of this:

In Russia, they used to have pogroms against the Jews. They’d cut up the pregnant women and take out the kids. They’d tear up their fathers and then have a dance in the main market. I was six years old when I found out about that. I said, ‘I’m going to America when I grow up.’

Rose Blumkin

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I don’t know much about the political  situation in India and Modhi has been revered as a reformer. Recent developments seems to indicate that reforms have stopped and it’s now going backwards. I am kind of wondering why so many including Parsad are optimistic on India as I see very little evidence to warrant optimism. It always seems the country that should make a leap forward, but never does.


I never knew that Modi was entangled in these unfortunate events. If the government  goes backward into Hindi fundamentalism, they are going to lose another one or two generations to bring the country forward. Again, this is a huge country, so there will always be many divergent forces. I know too little to invest, but enough they I would tend to stay away from investing in this country generally.

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Rukawa, i would suggest not basing a decision on one article or wikipedia. India does have rule of law even though it is exremely slow and frustrating.



Court clears modi


India has been communal since partition. Recommend reading up on how the Brtis divided the country on the basis of religion and walked away. It was worse than serbia or Rwanda. What the article doesnt say is that these riots were an annual occurrence but under Modi there was no riot since the riot of 2001. The government came down hard and stopped these.



Because religion is involved the supreme court has made a reasonable decision even though it will not please everyone. The court is respected enough that the decision has largely been accepted by the population and the population wants to move on from a very divisive issue. Again there will always be marginal groups that arent pleased.


Reforms are happening and will continue though the government had to shift its focus to fix financial institutions and recapitalize the system. Expect things to move forward quickly by indian standards on reform over the next few years.


India is an open society and one needs to do their research before arriving at any conclusions and it i s best not to base things on opinions.


Edit: to compare india to Russia and Japanese in WW2 is a non-starter if one knows the ground reality that india has the second largest muslim population in the world. Over 200 mil. India would have a civil war on it's hands if it mistreats muslims.

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