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Canadian Elections


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Canada's election is coming in a few weeks. I'm surprised there hasn't been any discussion. Which party do you support?

I've found it hard to choose between the candidates this time around, much harder than the last few elections. IMO, none of them have a rational/realistic/compelling vision of the country's future and clear/thoughtful/rational policies to support that vision..

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For the most part Trudeau is a good PR guy for Canada but other than that I think the guys in the back room wind him up and tell him what to say and do.


This is a good example:




On the other hand I am not sure I trust Scheer, but I really don’t know much about him. Harper was good until he had a majority and then he became a bit arrogant and dictatorial and the public turned against him. That is a problem the Liberals have - they think they won the last election. They didn't, it was a vote against Stephen Harper, Justin got in by default.


However, a Conservative minority would suit me just fine.


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"However, a Conservative minority would suit me just fine."


Normally I would be ok with this but, knowing what Liberals are now under Trudeau/Butts and what happened in B.C. I cannot entertain this idea.


I also think that polls are skewed right now. My thinking is that most counties that went red last time from blue will return to blue. Canada has its own swing voters. Keep in mind also that every provincial election over the last 2 years has been a defeat for Liberals.


Your comment of Trudeau is typical of what everyone says. They tried him last time because they were tired of Conservatives, he looked young, good and all that. The honey moon is clearly over, even for women. The silent majority is also afraid of higher taxes, deficits and cost of living.


People on this board should also never forget what they thought of doing in early 2017 or raising capital gain inclusion rate. I am also certain that doctors and others who were targeted by small business tax proposal will not forget.

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