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Now limit investment into China...


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Is this all posturing and negotiation tactics?


I mean the Chinese are scheduled to negotiate trade in mid-October and the White House is now considering such move, although at an early stage, 2 weeks prior.


I have no problem with them thinking about contingency plans in case negotiations fail or to put more pressure but, why is this now being made public?


Who is telling everyone what is going on behind closed doors? Is this released on purpose? Who are these sources and why is nothing done to get rid of them or shut them up? This is crazy!



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Guest Schwab711

The most recent bill was proposed in June this year but the threat is a few years old. Trump is showing interest in the idea for the first time. It has bipartisan support and it's due to the PCAOB not being able to inspect certain auditors in China, Hong Kong, and Belgium.





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