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Increases in wildfires disprove global warming


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Wildfire occur due to dryness not primarily due to warmer temperatures. Global warming is supposed to make the world wetter (increased humidity) and warmer. You either have high humidity and high climate sensitivity (large temp response to C02) or low humidity and low climate sensitivity (low temp response to C02). But it is not physically possible to have high climate sensitivity and low humidity because water vapour is a key greenhouse gas that acts as a positive feedback in climate models. Low climate sensitivity implies C02 doesn't really effect temperature much. So if you believe that C02 is a real problem and it will have a big effect on temps...you are also FORCED to believe that the world will be more humid and have more precipitation. These are well known predictions of AGW. 


High humidity and precipitation implies less wildfires not more of them. Thus increases in wildfire is evidence AGAINST AGW. There is only one rejoinder to this and that is that you need to analyze regions not the globe. But climate models have shitty resolution and therefore cannot provide regional analysis or regional attribution. Anybody that says they can is lying. To give you some idea of what I mean, a typical climate model has a cell size 100km x 100km which means 10000 square kilometers. California is 400 000 square kilometers. Which means in a GCM model the whole of California is represented by something like 40 cells..or you can think of it as a grid 4 by 10. That is grossly insufficient to determine regional climates.


Thus all we have is a global prediction ... that the world will be a wetter place. This implies less wildfires...not more of them.

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