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Apartheid, unions and immigration


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A pretty good article on how the concerns of poor white workers and unions drove South Africa's apartheid policies:



A lot of US policies are the past were driven by this dynamics...for example prevailing wage laws were passed to prevent black workers from supplanting white workers.


Makes me wonder how much of Trump's policies on immigration and Chinese sanctions are driven by much the same concerns.

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It’s silly. Immigration is an inevitability. A smart leader would find a way to make these trends work to benefit the country, rather than stick their head in the sand.


What I realize is that its all about fighting markets. Demand and supply. Where there is demand, a supply will emerge. That is what happened with drugs and what is happening with immigration.


South Africa provides a nice example of how far you have to go if you really want to prevent these markets forces from acting. You need to control movement of people. You need identity cards. You need to separate people in ghettos. You need random identity checks. Basically you require huge interference in the freedom that people enjoy. And you need a large number of laws. But in the end it still failed.

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I grew up under a version of this system ...


A great many people (both oppressor, and oppressed) would claim that it works very well.

Everybody knew their place, tall poppies got cut down, and the process remains in wide-spread use across the world. Even the US.

In India it's called the caste system, in UK society it's called the class system.


It is very effective, but is of course not sustainable over the very long term.

But over multiple generations, it is quite practical; as the South Africans evidenced.

Different strokes for different folks.






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