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Trump vetoes bill to end US military support for Saudi-led war in Yemen


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“A resolution that would end our involvement in the war, that passed both houses of congress, and he chooses to use his second ever veto.


They flood his hotels with money.


He issues statements excusing them for murdering our journalists, over bipartisan condemnation from Congress.


He pushes transfer of nuclear weapons technology to them in what appears to be a quid pro quo for bailing out his son-in-law's massively underwater tower, despite terrible media coverage, bipartisan congressional condemnation, and despair from his own national security officials.“

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Maybe a supporter of Ilhan Omar?


Like Trump gives a ... about how many patrons in his hotels when he brings out policies like this? Where is the logic in that statement?


Nobody with a business would run for any position in office if the intent is to attract as much customers and money as possible. You are certain to alienate a certain percent of the population no matter how nice you are and he is not.



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This paragraph in the following article says it all:


"Trump unambiguously backed Forever War. He vetoed a congressional resolution that would have ended American military involvement in the Yemeni civil war—a conflict that has killed an estimated 50,000 people (scores more have died in a famine triggered by the conflict) without having any significant bearing on U.S. national security."




So Much for the Anti-War President

As a candidate, Trump promised to end pointless Middle Eastern wars. He just vetoed a resolution to do exactly that.

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When will this country get back to following the Constitution?


Justin Amash: "@POTUS doesn't have authority to engage our Armed Forces in this war regardless of this joint resolution. Congress never authorized war, so it's unconstitutional and unlawful for the president to have entered the U.S. into hostilities. Stop aiding the Saudies in this brutality."


This has been going on since the 60's. I hope Amash chooses to run for POTUS. At least he is willing to call both sides on their junk.



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In fairness, more money goes to Social Security and Medicare. I mean, sure SS and medicare are better ways to spend taxes, but they still shouldn't exist. Along with Income tax.




Cut out the SS slice completely. Cut the Medicare slice completely, and the safety net slice, and education, and scientific research and "all other".  Transportation and infrastructure should be privatized or at least taken care of by the states so that goes to zero too.


Leave nothing but "Interest on debt" and "defense", then cut the defense budget by 98%.  Get rid of the income tax and the Interest on debt should head toward 0 as the debt is paid down to 0  (sell off all federal buildings and federal lands outside of D.C. to help pay down debt).


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