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Impact of the government shutdown?


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In terms of MY life, absolutely no change at all.


My immediate family members?  Absolutely NO change at all.


I have a business associate that was traveling (flying) and he thought that he had to wait somewhat longer to get through a security checkpoint at an airport.  So he might have been delayed about 20 minutes or so.


Have not heard anything else.


I suspect that the effects will become much more apparent a few weeks from now.  For example, no distribution of food stamps & such.

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We experienced much longer TSA lines because some of the lines were closed.  Presumably because of the 'call in sick' phenomenon when they are not being paid.


Foodstamps (called SNAP now) are not affected, other than to have the February allotment delivered unusually early on Jan. 20th.  Budgeting that to last though February is the chief concern.


edit: I have read that there is a hold up on label approval for microbrews but I haven't had a beer that I was looking for be unavailable - yet!

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