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Trump dumps land to two pump chumps


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Trump Auctions Off 150,000 Acres of Public Lands for Fracking Near Utah National Parks




This lease sale is part of a larger agenda by Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to ramp up fossil fuel extraction on public lands, threatening wildlife, public health and the climate. This year the BLM has offered more than 420,000 acres of public land in Utah for oil and gas extraction. The agency plans to auction another 215,000 acres in March. The Trump administration also has issued new policies, which are being challenged in court, to shorten public-comment periods and avoid substantive environmental reviews.

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I'm dumping this here, cause why not, it's all nonsense anyway:


"Trump won’t travel as planned to his Florida resort for the holidays if there’s a shutdown, spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at the White House."


This is absolutely shocking. He is going to skip his Florida resort just for this wall? Like, is he going to drink or take some pills to make it through the horror of him having to stay away? I'm genuinely concerned I've misjudged the situation because I would have bet he would let it fall if it meant not going to Florida.  Or is he bluffing?



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