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That just in case you forgot, the US life expectancy has been trending downwards since 2010, and China's life expectancy has surpassed the US as of 2016:




As suicide and overdose rates soar. God bless America.


Stages of an empire's evolution:


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Both China and the US are behind Canada and most of western Europe, which have results of 70 or above. Singapore is currently top with 76.2


I would note that Singapore is a huge outlier since it not only has now the longest healthy lifespan but in addition it does not have single payer health care and it does not have a generous welfare state. It also has vastly lower crime than most of Western Europe. And far superior schools. And it has no minimum wage. And it has extremely low unemployment. So its achievement exceed those of Europe while following very different policies.

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Recently, news came out that the tapeworm continues to grow.

Life expectancy down and costs up.



I wonder if funds presently allocated to immortality projects should not be diverted to some more down-to-earth concerns.

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