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How Do Trump Supporters Defend This?


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I don't understand how Trump supporters can rebuke someone who has served his country his entire life and wasn't taking a shot at Trump, but Trump's sentiment on the media.  How does the standing President of the United States take cheap shots at someone like this?  And you can't blame this on Obama, Clinton, the media, what have you.  It's just basic decorum.  Cheers!



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Oh, well - so Stanley McCraven, someone who I happen to like a lot, hates Trump. Big deal.


And many other military guys that I respect, like Trump.


Lots of people on the left AND right hate Trump.


But the public voted him in, that's what counts.




Hi Cubsfan,


It's not that I don't agree with all of Trump's policies.  I like what he is doing with China.  I like that he cut corporate taxes (although I wish he had a good plan to replace lost revenues).  I like that he is forcing other governments to be more accountable.  But that big word "accountable" or "accountability" is lacking from him. 


He lies like there is no tomorrow, and he has a misplaced vendetta against the press...they just jump on what he's spewing.  If he took the higher road, so would the press.  And that's what McCraven was saying.  The Chief is not being accountable to ALL of his constituents...be it right-wing, left-wing or down the middle.  My problem with Trump is that he had the opportunity and probably the balls to do something really great...but his ego, vindictiveness and lying is hurting the country.


It's easy to blame your predecessors, but he could have really been different.  Instead, it's been a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Cheers! 

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Understand your point. Trump has lots and lots of flaws. But in this case, these 2 guys don't like each other.


Actually, I disagree with McCraven. I think the media is hugely dishonest and was before Trump

took office. But you already know that. I absolutely agree that a free press is necessary for a democracy.

This press is free - but not fair, not unbiased, not objective. But that is me again.


So I don't blame this President in the least for going around the press - making them look bad - calling them

out as fake news, etc.  They deserve it. They earned it. This media is totally out of touch with most Americans.

They have lost much credibility and Trump is just saying what much of the public believes.


Guys like McCain and Mitt Romney could never have been elected because US politics is too dirty. That is the

unfortunate reality. You have to be a fighter to win - and it sure is ugly to watch. I wish it would change, but it won't.


I think most Americans realize that - and know Trump has a lot of flaws, but disregard them because they want to

see politicians in this county actually do something for them. So they send in a guy that will kick ass - knowing it's

going to be ugly and they might not like his style at all - but they are tired of being ignored.


It's going to me an ugly couple of years coming up.



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