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Goebbels would be proud of Booker


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Cardboard, step back from the precipice for a moment and contemplate what you are writing!  Really, you are comparing Joseph Goebbels here...to Corey Booker.  Booker likes the limelight and is looking to probably run in 2020, but you are comparing his activist speeches to Goebbels.  That's not only ridiculous, but disgusting! 


I would ask that those both on the left and right, stop for a second and think about what you are posting on here...and frankly, what is running through your head when you post!  And please keep it to the Politics board, as I've deleted a few posts on other boards that should be on here.  Cheers!

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I don't think that my comparison is so disgusting as a vocal politician is encouraging violence against political opponents and getting exactly that. That is exactly how the Nazis eventually achieved complete control and Goebbels was their mouthpiece.


Now, I agree that comparing Booker to Goebbels is far fetched but, considering historical parallels, it is not any different than posters who have compared Trump to Hitler constantly on this website without ever receiving any such warning or having their comparison called ridiculous or disgusting.


So can we expect to see the Left element to take their tone down as well and be warned when they cross a certain threshold?



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You reap what you sow.

If you're going to disenfranchise millions of people, they WILL get in your face. Nothing wrong in that.

It's just the market (democracy) at work


All I hear are privileged people complaining that they can't enjoy their privilege. It's ours, damn it!

And another version of Marie Antionettes argument to the french revolutionaries of her time ... 'Let them eat cake!"

Didn't go well for either her or the revolutionaries.








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I never said that Trump is like Hitler- I said there are parallels. Both are/ were amoral persoms. In Hitlers case, there were a lot of people willing to overlook this.  “ because he was doing some good things“.

This was exactly the explanation that my grandma gave me, when I asked her how Hitler got in power as a 12 year old kid. ( FWIW , she didn’t vote for the NAZI’s as they were members of the Zentrum party).

Anyhow, I remember the answer clear as day and my conclusion is to look at the character of a politician first, because it is what matters most (imo) and when that isn’t right , nothing else really matter. Just one mans opinion, it’s a democracy after all.

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"Violence", whatever its form or inspiration, should be condemned and be a truly last resort option.


Studying figures like Goebbels is a study of failure that is perhaps best done in times of peace, if one wants to keep it.


Potential options:





The book is a long read and the movie is kind of dark.


When the US government was considering joining the Allies, it looked at several forms of counter-propaganda, with distorted facts and demeaning satire. However, some realized that the best form of counter-propaganda involved simply showing the bare reality (speeches, captivated audiences and the orchestrated miltary events). The above mentioned references are useful in the sense that the authors do not offer judgement on events and the man, Goebbels, they simply describe the abject nature of his personality using his personal diary as a significant source.


Closing the last chapter on Goebbels and its violent conclusion left me with the importance of distinguishing between conflict and confrontation. Conflict means to fight and to have a winner and a loser. Confrontation contains the opposing nature of a debate but also contains the feature of bringing two heads together with the result that the the opposing groups come out enlightened after the encounter.

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