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Many Canadians here. Many diverse political opinions as well. Curious to hear people's thoughts about this video. A good summary of Jordan's political proclivities.


I'll start. The strangest aspect of what's being taught at Uni's/some points of the lefty spectrum is that it's basically the opposite of everything I learned from self help stuff (mainly Tony Robbins) which I used to overcome many difficulties I faced as a teenager (.6 gpa, high school drop out and that's not the worst of it). Most predominant forms of clinical psychology that have evidence for improvement introduce responsibility and difficulty. In short, blame others vs taking responsibility.... here's the list of reasons why you're less likely to succeed and it's out of your hands etc.


Suppose that these various intersections of race, sex, gender, socioeconomic status, etc do in fact reduce your probability of success, is it better to focus on what one can do vs trying to totally change the best system so far? If you change the best system so far materially, there will be a new hierarchy inevitably and the game starts over again. It's a huge risk moving from aiming at meritocracy to a equity/inclusion/equality of outcome system absent Star Trek like tech/productivity/wealth.


I personally know many who subscribe to this victim mentality and everywhere they apply it they are under performing. By accident it seems, in other areas where there's no societal market value for victim beliefs/implicit cultural/societal instructions to reduce personal responsibility, these people thrive (rock climbing and similar). 



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I generally agree with the self-help stuff that Peterson puts out there (and most generic "self-help" stuff in general - i.e. the factor which has the most influence on your life is yourself - so focus on changing that for the better)


My problem with Peterson is twofold - I don't like how he throws his own religious beliefs into his lectures. He smartly keeps this tangent absent from his more public discourse.


Second and more to the point - he HATES the post-modern liberal whateveryouwannacallit. To the same people he is saying should form their own opinions, take responsibility for their lives, etc., he is also saying "we need to get these post-modernists out of here we should not have to listen to them and they should not even be let in the building".

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The approach appears to be quite dogmatic.


One of the underlying assumptions is that the "young left" of the 60's became the "radical" university professors who will continue to indoctrinate a growing mass of malleable brains, requiring a courageous reactionary counter-revolution.


It appears that one tends to become more conservative with age. Even if the rising conservatism curve with age may be related to the epoch in which one is born and even if the curve may have moved lower to some extent, this may reflect simply that higher education might have a tendency to make people more socially liberal and the latest generations are more likely to have gone through higher education. But a potential positive trend for conservatism may have a demographic basis going forward with population aging and considering that voter turnout is in correlation with age.





Mr. Peterson raises good points but his call to arms appears excessive.

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