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If you didn't like Obama, and can't stand Trump, get ready for...


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Clown Show Cory Booker! Word is he's basically the favorite for the Dem nomination for 2020. This is a guy who takes grandstanding, playing the race card, playing the victim, and intentionally guiding issues to areas where he can create catchy soundbites and frivolous partisan drama, to a never before seen level. He's basically going to run on the "I'm Barack Obama 2.0" platform. If people hated Obama's emptiness and showboating, or Trump's self serving rhetoric and deliberate creation of "soundbite worthy" clips, you'll have a field day with this jerk off. 













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This wasn't the first time Booker engaged in political theatrics.  From Roll Call:


"Here are some of Booker’s biggest hits:


As a city councilman, Booker went on a a 10-day hunger strike and camped out in crime-ridden areas to draw attention to open-air drug dealing.

When Booker was elected mayor of Newark, he developed an image as being a very hands-on mayor, doing things like shoveling a driveway for a constituent and being in the right place at the right time as he rescued someone from a burning building.

While he was mayor, he also went on food stamps to show the difficulty that many low-income people face."

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