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An incoherent picture of global warming


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Most people picture that global warming will lead to something like this:



However when C02 levels on the Earth were five times larger during the time of the dinosaurs it looked more like this:



This makes sense if you understand how global warming is supposed to work. C02 is not a significant greenhouse gas. By itself it will only contribute 1.2 degrees per doubling of C02. At current rates it will take 200 years for us to double C02 levels. Its water vapour that is the real greenhouse gas. Model which include lots of warming therefore always assume that water vapour in the air will increase. This basically implies a warmer wetter more humid world. It most certainty does not imply a dry desert.


In addition C02 directly contributes to plant growth and reduces desertification. The reason is that for plants there is a massive tradeoff between getting more C02 and losing water through the process of transpiration. The only way for plants to get more C02 is to open up microscopic holes in their leaves called stomata. But as they do they lose enormous amounts of water. So if plants want more C02 this necessarily means a loss of water. As C02 in the atmosphere increases plants do not need to open up their stomata as much and as a result they lose much less water. This means they can withstand conditions with low levels of water better than before and this reduces desertification.  This has been observed. Deserts are shrinking as a result of more C02.




This is a picture of global warming that makes sense and is consistent with what we observe...a warmer, wetter, more humid, more lush world which doesn't see like a bad thing for either humans or the rest of nature.


What doesn't make sense is a desert world which somehow has high humidity, little vegetation but at the same time has more flooding and more precipitation but also has more diseases because of insects that seem to be thriving in desert conditions. The picture of the world presented by the global warming believers is logically incoherent and not consistent with either current observations or the historical record. Disease carrying insects don't thrive in deserts. Deserts don't have high humidity and large water vapour content needed to support the greenhouse effect. And C02 is a plant fertilizer....its not harmful to plants.




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I agree but the trees aren't right. The solar system has moved out of a dust cloud into an area of galaxy with more energy or greater aetheric pressure or whatever you want to call it. That is why all the planets and the sun are much brighter and it has only just started. Look into the massive changes taking place now throughout the solar system. Trees absorb and convert energy from their environment so will get much bigger again. Global Warming is a misnomer. What we are benefiting from is heliosphere re-energizing. We should be thankful as for the last 12000 years the energy of the heliosphere was diminishing and we were going to tip into an ice age.



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