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Supreme Court Pick-Predictable


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Fake news.  It's on CNN.


More seriously:  The dems really seem confused about how to play the anti-Trump game.  They're just screaming all the time, making bad theatre.  What are they going to gain by going crazy over thisl?  There's such a gulf between the parties that they'd surely be much better off moving to a more measured, more centred approach. Instead you have Maxine Walters etc.


People are always talking about disillusioned republicans under Trump.  But surely there are a lot of disillusioned democrats these days, too. 


The dems should see if they can convince John Kasich to run for them in 2020.


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"The dems should see if they can convince John Kasich to run for them in 2020. "


Why not Jed Bush or Ted Cruz while we are at it?  ::)




I was kidding. But only kind of.  I think Kasich would provide a  sober, measured voice that is sorely missing in US national politics, and I doubt he'll make it as a republican.  Of course I'm saying all this flippantly without really knowing much about him. I've just liked what I've seen from him, mostly because he seems rational.  I'd like to see the political drama taken down a notch for the good of everyone.


Ted Cruz strikes me as a perfectly despicable character. IMO he should have as little power over others as possible.

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