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Frankly, I don't care what kind of tattoos anybody has, and don't know why anyone else does either. Yes, even those gangster tears that indicate murder; if you want to deface yourself, by all means that's up to you. Nonetheless, here is another liberal tool bag willing to potentially destroy the life of an American hero why? I have no clue. Just to push a political agenda it seems.

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Looks like the New Yorker  actually issues an apology over the error.



The New Yorker issued an apology Monday that distanced itself from Lavin, according to the National Review.


“The New Yorker has just learned that a staff member erroneously made a derogatory assumption about ICE agent Justin Gaertner’s tattoo. The personal social-media accounts of staff members do not represent the magazine, and we in no way share the viewpoint expressed in this tweet,” a spokesperson said. “The tweet has been deleted, and we deeply regret any harm that this may have caused Mr. Gaertner.”




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