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Lots of myopic people in B.C.


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While Canadian natural gas trades for close to $1 CAD at the AECO hub due to oversupply/shipment issues, the world pays up to $10 U.S. Here is just one example of how tight the market is globally:




Meanwhile, environmentalists are pointing the finger at pension funds who invest in new coal-fired electric plants. And get this: 1,600 new plants worldwide!!!




So the B.C. leftists who claim to try to be saving the Earth are indeed killing it with their blocking of everything. Instead of allowing CO2 emission to be cut in half with natural gas-fired plants instead of coal and have people breath better air, they are doing all they can to block any shipment of LNG from the West Coast. This is economic 101 or more supply should help drop the price of LNG and increase its usage.


Canadian natural gas is without a doubt, the cheapest on Earth. The route from B.C. to Asia is the shortest from the Americas (except Alaska). Meanwhile, the Americans are finding ways to profitably ship their much more expensive natural gas to Asia and Europe but, Canada can't...


Of course, they will tell you that natural gas is not CO2 emission free so it should not be used anyway and these 1,600 new plants should be using renewables. However, it is not happening. These coal plants will be built.



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