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Which country does the most good for the world? | Simon Anholt


Current Good Country results:



Global Vote initiative and results:




Everything above FYI.

I like the reasoning and direction of the talk. The methodology and results are more subject to questions and nitpicking. Global vote results are also interesting though clearly not representative.


Have fun.

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The number of UN treaties a country signs makes a country appear higher on this list?  :o


Nice and impartial criteria I see  8) (at least it's transparent I guess)




The top in (Global Contribution) to International Peace & Security:


1) South Africa

2) Egypt

3) Uruguy

4) Moldavia

5) Tanzania

6) Burkina Faso

7) Niger

8) Tunesia

9) Togo

10) Guatemala


Not the exactly the list I would expect?

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I don't get it. The biggest gains to global well-being come from improvements inside countries that are undertaken by the countries themselves. Think China. In other words better internal governance which is the main thing a country is in control of.


Yet here we are measuring a country as good not based on what it does for its own citizens but based on how it helps other countries. Thus South Africa, a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world is supposedly a top global contributor to security. Huh? Its a freaking powder keg.


Why as a country would you focus your circle of concern on the area where you have lease influence...other countries? And why would that be a measure of goodness? It should be a measure of global stupidity. Cuba is probably the worst offender...it spends profusely to help other countries while internally it sucks.



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