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Short speech by Lt. Gen. Jay B. Silveria, USAF


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I've never understood why political parties, be it in the U.S., Canada or elsewhere, pick the leaders that they do, when you have leaders like the Lt. Gen. 


I'm glad that Hillary is not in office, but what the hell were the Republicans thinking picking the candidates they ran, especially Trump.  Really, there was no one better than what you had, or were they too smart to run? 


And how can you get behind or even take Trump seriously when you listen to someone like the Airforce Academy leader?  Mind-boggling!  Cheers!

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Trump needs to be held accountable, but so do his voters. Disgusting choice, especially given today's comments re: Puerto Rico and blaming the victims of a natural disaster.


All our military generals have shown EXTREME competence and I would gladly have any of them as President.

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