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Tax cuts don't equal growth (WaPo article)


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I'm all for simplifying taxes and ensuring they are fair, and I won't complain if a tax cut puts more cash in my pocket. However, here's an article from a former Reagan advisor arguing that tax cuts are not the magic solution to economic growth that some people imagine them to be.



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Low taxes are necessary, but not sufficient.  Just as important are reasonable, easy to follow rules and regulations, and free foreign trade.


Taxes should be lower rather than higher, simple rather than complex, across the board rather than picking winners and losers.

Rules and regulations should be clearer rather than vague, easy to follow rather than complex, and minimal rather than overwhelming.

Your market should be the entire world for both buying and selling at every level of production.


Trumps tax plan is just nibbling around the edges, it will do a little bit of good, maybe, but won't have major effects either way.


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