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Bannon Banished!


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Is this Administration now equivalent to the Three Stooges?  I don't think we've ever seen such an unprecedented failure in leadership in history...not U.S. history...global history!  Has there been anyone with more power that has stumbled as badly as this? 


Essentially his entire team has been terminated in six months with zero policies pushed through a majority government with control of Congress and the Senate.  Even political satirists no longer know what to do, because this is beyond anything their creative minds could have ever come up with in their wildest dreams.  Cheers!

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Firing a few people does not undemine an economy as the U.S.


However, an NDP government combined with the Greens is on the way to shelve around $60 billion worth of projects in less than 2 months in power or since June 29. All this against an economy with a GDP of around $250 billion/year.


Not bad. I am sure that B.C. can educate us on what failure truly looks like especially once their housing bubble pops which seems to have started.



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