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  1. Interesting perspective. https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/paglia-transgender-civilizations-decline/
  2. Yes, the 11 year old girl beauty pageants are wrong too (you know, I believe in objective morality). However, having a child dance in a strip club is step beyond that. So, lc, where's the limit? Or, if morality is simply something made up, should there be no limit? If so, why does it matter what the Chinese government does to the Uyghurs? I think dressing kids up and prancing them around in strip clubs is wrong. You think it's okay. You think what the Chinese government does to Uygurs is wrong. They think it's okay. Can you explain to me why you're right and they're wrong since you
  3. This kid is dressed in drag (on mainstream tv no less!). And his parents let him dance at a strip club. It also looks like he might be drugged up. Do you really think that's okay? If so, what isn't okay?
  4. Entertainment shows entertain. If you want mainstream news, get it from PBS or NPR. Child exploitation is not "entertainment."
  5. You take one extreme example and equate it to the daily behavior of the left. It's like we walk around all day naked, singing "Kum Ba Yah", smoking pot, dressing in drag, having coffee with our hipster doofus friends, yelling at people wearing fur, while all the while sucking down tofu smoothies! That example is as extreme as saying the right wing support the Klan and like burning crosses at tail gate parties! Cheers! Yeah, but the mainstream media isn't pumping out KKK stuff: So, how "extreme" is it if...it's being put on on Good Morning America? How much more mainstream can
  6. It's quite clear that the left is the one poisoning minds. How do I know? Well, this is pretty good evidence: https://www.buzz.ie/latest/outrage-10-year-old-drag-queen-naked-adult-313565 It's funny how you can't question this stuff. If so it's "hate speech."
  7. The mindset never changed - which is why we're in the spot we are now.
  8. What is disdainful? It's spot on. It's a nonsense argument. Kind of like believing there is some moral guidelines we all "ought to follow" without God existing? Or how human rights exist beyond what the government says? Or how morality can be subjective and objective...at the same time? ;D ;D ;D
  9. What is disdainful? It's spot on. This mindset is the exact issue.
  10. Wow, now pretending to speak for me, Cubs? I find Stahley’s hypocrisy amusing in that he pretends to be a reasonable moderate but he’s clearly a Trump apologist/deflector. After the Capitol riots he says is no big deal/Trump years have been peaceful and anyone concerned about Trump is being nuts and people need to turn off their computers. Then he goes ahead and posts about former President Obama’s comments on race/gender from 5 years ago and a fear baiting meme about Maxine. So according to Stahley, it’s crazy to be concerned about a current President inciting Capitol riots a few
  11. haha Don't forget xenophobic too because I care about our country!
  12. You really are quite something with your transgender phobia. I have fiends with kids in 3 different states and none of them had issues with this about transgenders competing against girls either anywhere. Raising kids isn’t easy, but you really getting hung up on a nothingburger. None of this has anything to do with Obama anyways. I don't think the term phobia is really appropriate here (people use it because it's emotionally charged). A phobia is an irrational fear. There is evidence that this kind of stuff is already happening. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9886252/bbc-schools
  13. Clearly Barack Obama is still affecting your day to day life. I find it amusing that you advise to rise above the moment and not get steeped in politics when you keep bringing up former Presidents and ignoring transgressions of current Presidents... Most moderates, even those with R's next to their names like Pence, Romney, and Murkowski recognize the seriousness of Wednesday's events. Even if it doesn't "affect day to day life", they will go in the history books because they have significance. It's a tail event and your and other's efforts to dismiss it as "but my life from waking t
  14. "I think it's possible we'll look back someday and miss the peaceful times of Trump's presidency." Just live your lives, get off the computer, and stop focusing on political things that don't affect your lives like mob violence a few days ago that stopped a joint session of Congress. -Also- "Here is a totally irrelevant article about Obama from 2016 about his views on gender/racism" ! Love our "moderates". My point is that Obama is much more forceful pushing his agenda. So, what in your life has changed from a day to day perspective since Trump took office?
  15. Of course, you didn't take your own "wise" advice from a few days ago this morning. What about those afraid of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris? Is it a coincidence your greatest demons are all women? Time to turn off your computer/tv/phone. Yeah, dumb ideas are dumb regardless of the "social construct" that is gender. It's kind of like trickle down economics.
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