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  1. I'm currently in a South American country where the government told people to wear masks everywhere outside their home. It's been the saddest thing - people walking around outside at 7 in the morning with not a soul on the street - with a mask. I've seen people playing golf by themselves with a mask on. Riding a bike in the park with a mask on. Even sadder: A few weeks ago they changed the mandate, masks now only have to be worn in closed spaces, not outside. Yet, people have become so addicted to their talisman that they can't let go. Maybe 3 out of 4 people still wear them even when out
  2. "Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome."
  3. CNN literally had the headline "Joe Rogan says he took horse dewormer", which is the outright lie. Others at least had the decency to say "controversial treatment" or whatever.
  4. Really? It might not be curated to fit your worldview, but it is definitely curated to fit their worldview. Reminds me of a road trip I did two years ago, from Portland to San Diego. I was desperately trying to find radio stations with just good music, but the stations with the best reception were usually talk radio like Hannity or Ben Shapiro (both insufferable after a while), or NPR. NPR pretty soon became unbearable as well - all about how the world is a terrible place and lots and lots of identity politics. Even when a topic sounded interesting at first, e.g. some business doing
  5. Yeah that's why locking them up in their overcrowded homes is such a great measure. #facepalm
  6. There are lots of confounding factors, it is never a single factor cause and effect. However, the LA Times totally ignoring the fact that in Florida 1 out of 5 people is over 65yrs (12 times more vulnerable than below 65yrs), whereas in California it is only 1 out of 7, tells me all I need to know about their bias.
  7. "Adjusted for age distribution, fewer people died of Covid in Florida than California." So I heard this statement on a podcast, and wanted to double check: Florida population: 21,570,527 above 65 years: 4,421,958 (20.5%) below 65 years: 17,148,569 Florida Covid deaths above 65 years: 37701 below 65 years: 12533 Florida Covid deaths % of population: above 65 years: 0.85% below 65 years: 0.07% California population: 39,538,223 above 65 years: 5,653,966 (14.3%) below 65 years: 33,884,257 California Covid deaths above 65 years: 50385 below 65 years: 19914
  8. Yes, overwhelmed hospitals is really the only argument. However with 60-70% of people vaxxed and 20-30% already having had covid, the remaining few can only strain the system for so long. It's not like this has not happened before: "A severe flu season is stretching hospitals thin. That is a very bad ..." "Hospitals Overwhelmed by Flu Patients Are Treating Them in Tents" "Flu outbreak: Hospitals facing ICU bed shortages, visitor restrictions" "Surgeries postponed after severe flu cases overwhelmed Toronto ICU" Easy to find dozens of these reports by googling "2018 (or any other
  9. It's an observational and data analysis study that says nothing about transmission. The data of 1.1 million people was "observed" for disease outcome, but 1.1 million people or a representative subset were not tested for transmissability (is that a word?). It is entirely possible, indeed likely in places like Singapore with 80%+ of the people double vaccinated and now record infections, that the pandemic is carried by asymptomatic vaccinated people - who are protected, but still spread it.
  10. That's tragic. It looks like Alabama and many other states are past their peak, luckily. Clogged health systems, and tragedies like the above have happened before (and people hardly gave a damn). Does this time justify massive interventions like vaccine passports, mandates etc.? I still don't think so, and worrying about the implications of these interventions is not a silly game. That's all.
  11. The IFR for Covid for age < 30 years is below 0.01%. Sub 40yr is below 0.1%. (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2918-0/figures/2). However that includes everyone with cancer, obesity, or other comorbidities. The IFR for healthy sub 40yr people without known health issues must be approaching zero (tragic examples that make headlines notwithstanding.) I don't agree with forcing healthy young people into a vaccine. And then there is this study from Israel https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.24.21262415v1 Previous Maccabi Healthcare studies about vaccine effica
  12. UK ditches plans for vaccine passports at crowded venues https://apnews.com/article/europe-business-health-coronavirus-pandemic-england-9cd02cce855b616c9bc585e041f1a50a Good on the Brits!
  13. Well, if now it's about money the rational thing would be to give Delta Airlines (employers in general) total control over their employees' health to minimize sick days and severe diseases. Mandate nutrition, diets, exercise, fire obese people, smokers ...
  14. Uh oh, the next round of fear mongering has already started: "Reducing these threats starts with more aggressive efforts to get people vaccinated for flu and COVID alike. Work-related vaccination mandates for both diseases will become more common." And that's why vaccine mandates are a slippery slope. Next up: Influenza. And after that?
  15. +1 informative post
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