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    Those are right-wing Boogaloo members. Are you being sarcastic or facetious? Cheers! I think he is trying to imply that BLM and Boogaloo members hang out and are best friends. Given that many boogaloo members are neo-Nazi's and white supremacists, that seems unlikely. Rather than take my word for it, why not take the word of some USCP officers who gave interviews here: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/it-was-brutal-medieval-style-combat-dc-police-officers-describe-defending-us-capitol/2542536/?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_DCBrand Doesn't seem to me that they think it was antifa
  2. Castanza


    Those are right-wing Boogaloo members. Are you being sarcastic or facetious? Cheers! The tweet is sarcastic. If you look at the individuals and what they are wearing they are not "right-wing". BLM sweatshirts, rainbow flags, etc. Doesn't exactly scream "alt right". Boogaloo is anti government, anti police, anti-authority. My point is instead of labeling the group as they should be labeled. The media associates them ONLY with "conservatives" which is a disservice to discourse, perception of others, and reality.
  3. Castanza


    Just like these guys.
  4. I agree that was what done was wrong and completely hypocritical. The cynic in me likes to think politicians could use a good ass puckering every once in awhile. Too many on both sides have let their power and corruption get to their heads. Can’t help but laugh at the mental image of people like Nadler and Cocaine Mitch shitting their Depends. ;D
  5. LC respectfully, if it were a Coup attempt you would have had tens of thousands of individuals with guns and there would have been a lot of deaths. A handful of weapons charges in a group of a few thousand people is meaningless. The 2A rally in Richmond last year had what 20k people armed with AR-15s and not a single shot was fired. Hell they even picked up their trash, and sang the National Anthem. unlike Antifa and BLM who leave everything in shambles. If the “alt right” or whatever name you want to give them wanted to stage a coup they would have showed up with more force. If th
  6. LOL ;D Viking over here basically saying Trump is worse than the Ayatollah....unreal....
  7. LOL anyone who thinks this was a coup attempt is a complete moron. 99.9% of people who went down to the Capitol were there for a Trump Rally. I talked to a few individuals I know who went. They are pretty normal people who are ardent Republicans. Nothing exotic or radical about them. They said they went down there and when they went in the Capitol the police let them in. They did say that they saw two vans pull up near them and a bunch of guys jumped out and started making trouble. 99.9% of Trump supporters do not support an overthrow of the govt. They aren't "domestic terrorists" and they
  8. Did Facebook ban these individuals? How about Twitter? What about Madonna saying she was going to blow up the White House. Or Jerry Nadler saying ANTIFA is a myth. Are they a myth to the people who had their businesses destroyed? The law/rules should be applied fairly and indiscriminately. Currently they are not. Big tech is big tech. They are private companies and can pretty much do what they want imo. But they should be clear with their rules and apply them fairly. Facebook banned Ron Paul yesterday. Makes no sense at all. A man who spent his career calling for peace. They didn't
  9. Biden said he will make it a priority to pass laws targeting domestic terrorism. Will be interesting to see how this turns out. Smells like McCarthyism.
  10. You guys realize there aren’t 70 million ardent Trump supporters right?
  11. That’s great JPerez! As long as it’s not in America it doesn’t affect you. There could be Muslims being killed in China, Christians being killed in Turkey, Villages being ravaged by Boka Haram in Africa, young girls being sold into sex slavery by the thousands, and dozens of desperate people being Beheaded by the cartel. As long as you can live comfy in the richest most opportunistic country to ever exist. Who cares, right? Democracy is not ending folks. This comment is on par with whoever said Coronavirus was an extinction level event. Hyperbole at its finest.
  12. Not true. I lamented the expected loss of life of protesters in this very thread before she was even shot. After her death was announced, I also lamented her death and placed the blame on the Trump grift. It's also not true that she was "just taking a selfie". She was attempting to cross the threshold in to an area where protected persons were sheltering. The Capitol Police kept falling back and evacuating and sheltering people. Thanks to their efforts to fall back, to the best of my knowledge she was the only person shot and killed by capitol police. Though others made it in to the chamber
  13. I'm not sure how ANTIFA managed to stay away from the "fun" of a violent riot, but it's simply not credible that Antifa and Trumpists were fighting shoulder to shoulder. ANTIFA is a bunch of losers who live to fight Trumpists. Fighints is what they do for kicks on the weekends. They are full of violent jerks. The idea that they could coexist alongside MAGA types for any period of time is not credible. It's hard to believe any of them are organized or disciplined enough to do that, plus it would be a break from all previous experience with Antifa. Now if you said that Antifa sucker punch
  14. Obviously many MAGA individuals were involved. But here is a video showing some Antifa clown getting booed at and stopped from breaking windows. https://twitter.com/ligia4508/status/1347248837375746049?s=21
  15. Castanza

    Political Humor!

    I think these two morons were actually Nazi's and not Antifa
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