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  1. The inspiration for Biden's first executive order Gotta stop listening to those stupid Hollywood weirdos.
  2. IDK, but it must be legit...after all, THEY BELIEVE in science!
  3. All is right in the world! Joseph R Biden's new executive order effectively allows grisly boys to dominate the girls teams and leagues! Parents everywhere, it is your constitutional right to have manladies wreaking havoc on your daughters soccer team! Who says they dont have cajones!
  4. Wasnt there a thread mocking Kayleigh's appearance? What about that manimal? Yeeesh. Welcome to the Joseph R. Biden show.
  5. This is what we will all truly miss about the politics section!
  6. LOL just when you think this guy cant outdo himself.....he apparently thinks the stock market did poorly under Trump! Wouldn't be shocked if he deleted all his posts and account before Sanjeev immortalizes this comedic gold for good.
  7. Yup....they censor people because of profits is bullshit. They censor people because they fear government retaliation...any coincidence all this started AFTER the election made it clear BLUE was the party to pander to now? Liberals have effectively sought to ruin anyone who offers a differing opinion. Look at how many folks they came after for simply being republicans or tried "outing" for being a Trump supporter....theyre scum. And then they have the nerve to talk about Nazi tactics!
  8. I don't know about cannibals, but there is no need to hunt to find a pedophile. One was just sworn in as president. And what shred of proof do you that Biden is a pedophile? Spreading BS about the election is bad enough but slandering an individual with no proof is not very classy. However, if you have proof, so be it, but one might wonder why that has not gone to the court system. Just more QAnon foolishness? Proof? Just google search Biden touching child. There are videos and pictures of him inappropriately touching children all over the internet. Sure this isn't absolute
  9. Supports the rights of bakery owners to deny service to a customer Does not support the rights of social media owners to deny service to a customer Do you not see the contradiction? The liberal argument is you cannot deny service based on protected classes. The issue is simply can you or cant you? Todays examples are that you cant discriminate in a bakery but you can on a social media platform. Consistency please....
  10. Gregmal


    They know no better than simply what is written in the textbooks through which the foundation of their shallow lives is predicated upon. If you stuck one of these pompous fellas in the middle of a BLM riot they'd pee their pants or offer their expensive watch in exchange for safe passage. Nevertheless they never get close to anything like that and its simply easier to analyze from their corner offices and refer back to case studies from various liberal academic institutions and think tanks.
  11. Sounds a little bit like he's advocating for brownshirts?
  12. Come on cubs...we need the odd lot crowd and the bellwethers...they serve a purpose! Dont be so mean!!!! The problem is they dont ever venture into the investing section, which of course, is where they would be quite useful.
  13. Is it too much to want to know if aliens are more like ET or the stuff on the X-files/MIB movies?
  14. Oh I have no problem investigating something if there is reasonable suspicion. The Trump/Russia connection certainly could be interpreted as reasonably suspicious. Same with the 2020 election results. Both were investigated, appropriately so if you ask me. But pizza pedophile rings? Gimmeafuckinbreak. Personally, Area 51 seems a lot more interesting than pedo-pizzerias...but what do I know? I just like investing/stocks. Much more fruitful place to sleuth around, and one of the few places where one is accountable regularly for being right or wrong. To each their own. Politics is
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