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  1. To top it all off: Guess they’ll all enjoy their lobbying careers, the revolving door continues to turn—perfect timing too! Swamp drainage was just another con by Don!
  2. Meanwhile, the conned supporters who stormed the Capitol to "fight for Trump" will spend years in jail and on no fly lists... I guess he wasn't for the "common man" after all!
  3. LOL...Amazing insight into what Trump actually thinks about Powell and "the Kraken"... https://www.axios.com/trump-off-the-rails-descent-into-madness-fd169833-9052-473d-87f5-7a1a4ffffb8f.html The libs who claim Trump is an incompetent moron are dead wrong. He knows exactly what he's doing. Clearly he has great moral character for the office he holds. He sure has great skill in turning large swaths into pure suckers. And yeah, he doesn't care that all this trolling of the election results led to the events of Jan 6th where some folks died and many will spend extended periods i
  4. The liberals are responsible for this clearly just like last summer and covid mismanagement. And the Zodiac killer too (you’re off the hook, Ted). Chalk it all up to them libs! Ignore what Mattis/Barr/Kelly/etc try to tell you, Trump is A-OK!
  5. Wow, if last summer was as apocalyptic as some folks (who largely don’t live in those urban areas) view it, I guess relative to Obama the Trump years were not very “peaceful”. And here I was told Obama was the “divider”. Unless of course you want to say a quarterback kneeling during an anthem is on the same level... Oh and here’s an axios report on how Trump wanted to violently crush the summer events (at Barr’s protest): https://www.axios.com/trump-barr-relationship-off-the-rails-b33b3788-e7e9-47fa-84c5-3a0016559eb5.html Too bad he didn’t want to invoke the Insurrection Act d
  6. Are we really debating who was at and instigated the Capitol riots ? I guess there’s Occam’s razor for some of us, and living in fantasy land for others. Be my guest for those in the latter group. The media associates these folk with Trump inspired radicals. That’s an accurate view. If you think they’re “conservative”, that’s on you. My view is that folks who want $2000 checks are not “conservative”, but that’s me.
  7. I'm happy to have a civil discussion, but after some point, you recognize it becomes impossible to "prove" certain things like: "Prove we actually landed on the moon" There is footage and lots of evidence of it, but the folks who doubt it will always demand more evidence and move the goalposts further back. In the end, they will believe what they want to believe. "Ships will sail around the world, but the Flat Earth Society will continue to flourish." --Buffett
  8. State election officials (many of which are Republican) have access to the machines. Why did hand recount confirm the machine count? Why did Newsmax/Fox/etc stop talking about Dominion when the threat of defamation suits came about? Why are you concerned about fraud in 2020 and not 2016, 2012, 2008? Why are you concerned about Biden fraud when there is verified evidence of more Trump fraud in some states like PA (the accusations that are public with actual defendants/legitimate cases). Why are you holding 2020 to a different standard than all the other elections? The only reason is because
  9. JRM's mistakes are equivalent to someone who is deciding between investing in company A and B. They read company A's 10-K and find some "concerning items". They don't bother reading company B's filings. They choose to invest in company B due to "problems" in company A's 10-k even though they never read company B's filing. The Availability heuristic/Availability bias is involved, along with a few others. If you want to be objective, you have to look at company B (and C, D, E...). You'll have to look at fraudulent votes that went to Trump (literally crickets about this). You'll have t
  10. To be fair, some of the trade imbalance in 2020 was due to the epidemic hitting US exports (planes, machinery etc) more so than imports from China (consumer & Electronic goods). That graph represents China's trade with ROW, not just USA. China has emerged from the Trump Presidency as stronger than before it. The point was that this was the one thing Trumpers were pointing to as redeeming about the guy: "at least he's tough on China!". Last I checked, Tiktok was still operational.
  11. Signs you were conned by a snake oil salesman who claimed to be “tough on China”:
  12. This is a false-equivalency argument, as what is particularly galling in the case of last week is that it was encouraged by a sitting US President. And yes, he spoke out enthusiastically against the BLM protests and reluctantly and belatedly against the violence at the US Capitol. So to answer your point, I guess all lives don't matter to POTUS. Strange he never held a rally for BLM and said “I love you” and “you have to fight”...instead he said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. Trump knows what he’s doing. He’s a grade A troll and it’s very profitable for the family.
  13. Americans don't like sore losers. He ruined his odds of controlling GOP thanks to post election endless whining like a crybaby. But this is classic Donald--can't get out of his own way. He'll never concede. I know children who are better sports than this loser. Can't admit that he lost an election fair and square because his daddy drilled into him when he was a young boy to never show weakness. And please don't mention Obama without a trigger warning for some of our friends on here, otherwise we're never going to hear the end of it about how "this too is Obama's fault"...
  14. Oh my, clearly some people are still deeply affected by comments Obama made 13 years ago... Sounds like an incurable case of Obama Derangement Syndrome. Be well.
  15. If Trumpism rhymes with despots and dictators throughout history, there's really nothing surprising about that at this point is there? “History Doesn't Repeat Itself, but It Often Rhymes” – Mark Twain.
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