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  1. I'd prefer 5T, 1.9 is for children. It's a high ROI investment anyway. Especially when the government must allocate it, with a deadline. Why not more? Because optically peoples psychology would find it untenable for now. That will come to pass. Next up 10T. 10T would help WAY more people than 5T.....with 10T we could feed the poor outside our country and build schools for them. We can't go on letting people die ANYWHERE, when obviously we can give them money and a smartphone. Naturally when you can save an African child with a mosquito bed net for 100$ it makes more sense to allocate
  2. Haven't been following politics much. Heard about the attack and read trump's speech that allegedly incited the violence. Didn't notice anything? Did you guys read the speech instead of the media about the speech? Clearly what happened is bad. I don't see the inciting. That said, I don't like trump. I like small govt. I read a NYT article after that and it seemed they just butchered what he said out of context with their "analysis".
  3. Regarding the co morbidities, my three doctor friends have the same anecdotes as orthopa, two of them surgeons. They have absolutely no doubt that some would have died anyway or very soon. They are clear that many reported covid deaths did not or were never tested positive for covid. Regarding the excess deaths argument, I submit we need to calculate all the excess death resulting from 30 millions job losses/shutting down the economy. Namely, suicide, murder, drug overdose, and subtract those from our excess deaths number. Also we need to control for a greater percentage of the populat
  4. I voted for Hillary, because I was worried about Trump and the military. Now I'll vote for Trump. The problem is simply how far left things have moved since 2016 based on the democratic debates amongst other things. I don't believe big government will help. My wife is from Barcelona, long term, big govt will lose on all fronts. I don't believe we should have ever shut down. Should we compare covid deaths to other resultant deaths caused by economic hardship in lives or life years? Who would my 76 yr old father choose? Does everything except life add up to nothing? All you neede
  5. You are correct Schwab. I was on #2 whiskey/coke and wasn't paying attention. I subscribed to NYT for one year and read nearly every paper a year or two ago. I was constantly astounded as to how left leaning it was compared to WSJ which is near center afaik. Not much different than MSNBC in tone. The indoctrination level felt high, like being in church growing up. Very one sided. Certainly not antifa far left. Also, although the journalistic quality was high, they rarely used evidence to make any points where it was warranted, it was frequently feelings. Which makes sense considering
  6. "The mainstream media outlets are not nearly as left as you think. There are plenty of very left-leaning outlets. The NYT, AP, NPR, WSJ, Reuters, ect are not them." NYT and NPR aren't left leaning? You've forced my forehead into my palm, three times while I'm writing this.
  7. If we are talking about mandatory disclosure. No. Free market. Private property. Nobody has any business knowing what I pay people. If we are talking about glass door or similar, sure.
  8. The noise doesn't bother me. It's fun to see what people think. My bubble was popped by a couple from SF that wouldn't agree with me that aborting an 8 month old is murder after an hour of discussion, and I'm pro choice, to a point. "It's just a parasite" Other than results, I can't think of anything that's given me confidence of a great disparity in people's feelings as it relates to investing than seeing clearly the bifurcation in politics. The predilections are strong in our species.
  9. Many Canadians here. Many diverse political opinions as well. Curious to hear people's thoughts about this video. A good summary of Jordan's political proclivities. I'll start. The strangest aspect of what's being taught at Uni's/some points of the lefty spectrum is that it's basically the opposite of everything I learned from self help stuff (mainly Tony Robbins) which I used to overcome many difficulties I faced as a teenager (.6 gpa, high school drop out and that's not the worst of it). Most predominant forms of clinical psychology that have evidence for improvement introduce responsibi
  10. HOLY WTF. lol so weird. Yin and yang man...dark and light.... satan god.... this isn't difficult.
  11. Agree with the last bit by RG. If you wipe away the rhetoric in this thread you're left with.... what's been done so far has worked and it's certainly possible there are instances where it's worth taking a stand. Until a deep dive has been done and reproduced on a case by case basis by those who have access to all the information you can't know or come close to knowing. It's certain that there are times when you should shoot for large multi-lateral agreements, use the wto, and take a loud mouth stance. I haven't done/seen such a analysis on a country by country basis. Until I have, it
  12. I've often thought our margins are larger, just look at our massive tech industry.
  13. flesh


    I'm not going to do the analysis but eg if it's 1% vs 5% or 10% of the population, I'd say that's significant. If our bottom 1-5% get 5-30k/year in entitlements, and the other's aren't comparable it's significant. If these are true, we would be way down on the list and the article would lose most of it's teeth and likely have not been posted/written. Whoever wrote it clearly made one adjustment in the articles favor. Sometimes skinny men wear huge jackets and large men lift weights. More often than not, when I have done the analysis... something like ^^^^ is clear. I often find myself won
  14. flesh


    Numbers always lie when people use them, intentionally or unintentionally. Anytime any biased person puts out any number the first thing to do, assuming you care about accuracy, is adjust them. Do the poor countries have the same entitlements as the rich countries? Is it more accurate to use percent of population or total number? bla bla
  15. Are taxes really that high in Cali though? I haven't dug too deep but a quick check if you made 100k per year you would pay about 6.7% of that in income tax. If you lived in some other state, say North Carolina, then you would pay 5%. Is that 1.7% difference really such a big deal? Well the state income tax rate can be higher than that....plus sales tax, property tax, gas tax, energy and housing costs are all higher for me. Adding up the difference make my house and one car free personally. In the near future I plan on moving my tax base to a no state income tax state as a greater pro
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