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  1. The best part of this thread is that so few people realized it was a joke from the start. For all the trolling some people do, and all the "triggering the left" nonsense, those trolls can be clueless. ;)
  2. Trump seemed to believe the best indicator of his approval was the stock market and he continually said that the stock market would crash if Joe Biden was elected including saying it right to Joe Biden's face in a debate. So how did that turn out? Today, the S&P 500, Nasdaq and DOW all hit all time highs. Looks like the market responded with appreciation to Biden's election. S&P 500 price increase since election day = 14.3% Of course most people think that Trump lost the election when he lied about and mismanaged COVID back in March of 2020 and it became obvious to sophisticat
  3. Point Bridge GOP Stock Tracker ETF (MAGA) continued to be terrible for investors. http://www.investpolitically.com/fund-summary/?tvwidgetsymbol=AMEX%3AMAGA The cummulative price appreciation over the period of inception to today's close: MAGA = 25 % S&P 500 = 57 % I am guessing that part of the issue is that even if Trump did have a positive impact on the businesses or industries in his favor, it was a random walk which businesses or industries he would support. There's a pretty famous story about Trump meeting some guy at random at a party at Mar a Lago. The guy was a low
  4. This is part of the legal issue at hand, but legal liability for lies and incitement of violence is the real issue. Trust me these companies want to make money, but in this case they have made the decision that the loss in income is more than offset by the reduction in legal risk and to a much lesser extent reputational risk. A better analogy than a gay wedding cake is to ask if you think a business should have the right to refuse a request to bake 100 million gay wedding cakes that also have calls on them to "kill all Republican homophobes," and to "overthrow the US Government" with dates
  5. Just like the USA, I think we need a truth and reconciliation commission or else we should just remove politics entirely. ;) Or there should be MORE expulsions based on years of persistent belligerent behavior by some members.
  6. He pardoned political operatives and rich people who can help him. Roger Stone, Manifort, Steve Bannon, Charles Kushner, Flynn, Hunter, Collins, Stockman, etc... He likely believes that pardoning black rappers will win black voter support. Pardoning a bunch of random people is the equivalent of a giant document dump. The idea is to hide the scumbag co-conspirators in a flood of other pardons. In a way it is a similar idea of slowly de-stigmatizing aberrant behavior which was a constant theme of the Trump administration. To address the previous questions about why pardons were a bad i
  7. I assume the Biden accusation was made in jest, but it is really stupid. If for no other reason than the fact that we have at least one member who can't separate fact from fiction. If anything the Biden issue likely stemmed from a cultural difference. Finally, his one accuser has been disgraced, and Biden apologized. Lying about your credentials as an expert witness is a big deal, it probably created a giant court mess, that tax payers are probably having to pay for right now. Here's a story from FoxNews showing what a liar she was and how much damage her lies might have done. https://
  8. Watch this video at 11:53 and tell me that Nancy Pelosi doesn't agree with you. My money is on Pelosi winning.
  9. He's obsessed with looking young and virile/powerful. There are some pictures of him during COVID where the warpaint was poorly applied and he looked like a sad, fat eighty year old. The paint is actually pretty effective. It's not my style, and I wouldn't do it, but I can see how from Trump's perspective it is better to be made fun of as the orange man than it is to look as old and weak as he does without the warpaint. It's actually one of his more logical rational decisions in my opinion. The forum doesn't seem that we have a barf emoticon, so I guess I will just use these and repe
  10. You forgot to mention the issue regarding driving people away from this forum in droves including some people who were valued contributors who outright deleted their accounts in response to all this nonsense.
  11. If you asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said that pardons are very unlikely, and would be a mistake, but Trump does stupid things so it was not impossible. Over the last two months as Trump and his cronies likely did more and more illegal things, the likelihood of pardons actually became less for several reasons. First, a pardon needs to be for a specific crime, it cannot be blanket immunity. So Trump and his co-conspirators in any of the many alleged crimes would have to specify which crimes specifically were being pardoned. Second, to accept a pardon, you have to admit
  12. I did the exercise twice in the past before Trump was even a candidate of taking the size of the estimated inheritance (estimates contemporary to the time) and then estimating the outcome if that inheritance was invested 100% in the S&P 500. The result was far larger than Trumps likely ridiculously inflated estimates of his own worth. Since then, there has been much reporting that the inheritance was even larger than previously known. In that context, Trump's under-performance relative to just indexing would be even greater. Given the level of risk that he took and the activity level pl
  13. Soon to be know as Dominion Pillow Company, Inc.
  14. Parsad, you have just committed the sin of "the male gaze." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Male_gaze Apparently you are the only admitted unapologetic lefty on this forum so I believe that means you bear sole responsibility to cancel yourself. I would suggest you immediately tweet calls for your own resignation. The only other option available as a true lefty is to apologize and to admit that as a male there is something inherently evil lurking within you and that you will work to do better in the future. :D :D
  15. These thread keep going off topic due to trumpists using the following tactics: ad homenim attacks straw man argument what aboutism false equivalency To return to the topic at hand . . . Poll:Republican support for convicting Trump in Senate growing https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/19/republican-support-convicting-trump-growing-460247 There is a lag and the trend is negative for Trump, but over the time period of January 15-17: About 20% of Republicans said they "strongly" or "somewhat" support a Senate conviction of Trump That is a 43% increase over the previous poll
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