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  1. ^ Sheesh - Do they get to share the same locker rooms?
  2. cubsfan


    ^You have to be an idiot not to know that Biden is a criminal - but there is plenty of company for you. Better burn that laptop.
  3. cubsfan


    Only in the hands of a disgraceful president. This will of course not be a problem under Biden's presidency, as it has never been a problem before in the hands of a decent person and Trump is anything but a decent person. Trump is as corrupt as a soul comes. ^ Hey, at least you have a real criminal in the White House now. The Chinese must be loving it. The Biden family profits are now safe. Everyone is happy!
  4. No... I'm gonna miss Hubba, Hubba! What a beast! HA!
  5. cubsfan


    ^ I would not argue with that at all. It's quite unhealthy to let yourself be beat into submission by these idiots. They do control the media and the academic institutions. That's clear. And it's really tough. Personally, I don't care because you can't cancel me - but I don't work for anyone - and I understand the fear many people have about being Cancelled or Doxxed. It's a despicable and vindictive trait of the Liberal leadership. And then of course, they say "let's all come together". Unfortunately, we will likely go back to the days of the "silent majority" for a while.
  6. Legal justifications are largely irrelevant because they are just basically tools that liberals use to achieve ends and will throw away as it suits them. 40 years ago liberals were for freedom of speech and now not so much. Protected classes is just basically a battering ram to bully people. Bingo! This is exactly the point. The United States is one of the very few countries that has been able to allow Free Speech, with a minimum of censorship. Who gets to define hate speech? And who then, uses it as a club against their opponents? That's the paradox of censorship. It's wor
  7. Good News! In yet another rebuke to the disgraced President, the nation’s major manufacturers of spray tan have cut ties with Donald J. Trump. https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/major-spray-tan-corporations-break-ties-with-trump
  8. cubsfan


    ^ Of course they have not learned anything! And now they have power, you see their true colors. They are the ones advocating censorship and curtailing the First Amendment. They are the ones going nuts with the Cancel Culture - "Plata or Plomo?" - as someone said.. They are the ones calling for persecution of Trump supporters. They are the ones controlling the press and media. It's exactly the USSR/NAZI playbook. It's no more complicated than that.
  9. Did I hear another call for the CoBF Brownshirts??
  10. ^ Oh, that's just creepy old Uncle Joe - just don't let him near your daughter or wife!
  11. ^ Just think Viking - you now traded Trump and all the stuff he did in 4 years - for a total clown, Biden, that has done nothing in 47 years in DC. You should be happy!
  12. ^ How about we just require Ivy League degrees to comment? After all, you guys will be setting the new standards now for "hate speech", truth commissions, and our re-education camps. Why not start here?
  13. ^ Sorry RTF that you and your buddies were never able to hold their own around here. Don't blame me because you were consistently wrong about Russia, Impeachment, Kavanaugh and a host of other topics. Try and think before you post for once - and you will do much better. BTW - What's the latest view on your "sedition" charges anyway?
  14. ^ Damn CW - you're all right for a liberal!! My feeling: Now that Joe Biden is President, we should definitely dump the politics board. The target is just too easy now... I mean, when it comes to politics - how can anyone beat Trump?
  15. ^ No problem Parsad. We know how arrogant and vindictive your party has become. You can try and rewrite history all you want - and pretend the Democrats actually tried to prevent the burning down of America - instead of fueling it, funding it, and condoning it. It's petty, repulsive and unhinged - just like the Democratic Party. You want to change the minds of millions of Americans? Get those re-programmng camps ready. It worked in the USSR, and North Korea and China - so give it a shot. It might work here too under the Democrats Totalitarian regime. But millions of us saw it, we lived
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